our policy

To recruit a deserving candidate who performs with active retention measures through professional training,
career growth and benefits comparable with the latest market trend.

Our policy also aims to create a sense of belonging towards the company with a healthy, conducive working environment
in the mutual interest of both the individual and the organisation.

Benefits & Opportunities

We promote meritocracy by providing equal opportunities for performance in respective work areas. We have ensured to eliminate biased choices and decisions thereby focussing on translating employee performance into rewards.

As a professionally run organization, we follow a structured process to recruit employees and ensure that they are assigned the right roles.

Being a performance oriented organization, we conduct appraisals every year where employees are evaluated based on their performance and leadership skills. After their evaluation, they are promoted to higher roles in the organization.

At Khazana, we understand that employees are our true wealth and focus on developing their talent by preparing them for roles further up in the hierarchy.

● Training & Development
Training programs are organized for employees across all levels annually and are based on individual and industry needs. The programs emphasize on strengthening personal and professional skills of an employee to increase effectiveness at the work front.
The training programs for new employees are designed to equip them with the right skills and enable them to be productive from day one.

● Promotions
At the end of the annual appraisal, employees are promoted to the next level in the hierarchy and are looked upon as leaders who will take the organization to greater heights.

Employees can be assured of a pay package that is commensurate with the best compensation offered by the industry and will also be offered other perks like performance rewards, incentives and bonuses.

We maintain a firm commitment to the statutory social security measures and ensure complete compliance to the same i.e. Provident Fund, Employees' State Insurance, and Gratuity being mentioned among the rest.

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